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Wirths Signs Pro-2A Resolution and Defends Gun Rights

Hal Wirths, incumbent candidate for re-election in LD-24, has signed the GS2AGO Pro-2A Resolution and also completed the Candidate 2A Assessment. Wirths provided a statement fully explaining why he feels red flag laws are unconstitutional, and that New Jersey's gun laws are unreasonable and unfair. He scores 100% as friend and defender of the Second Amendment. We include below his entire statement and a summary of his assessment.

Wirths response to the assessment included his agreement that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, the Second Amendment really does mean "shell not be infringed," and New Jersey should have reciprocity with other states. Further, he does not agree with New Jersey's "justifiable need" requirement; bans of guns, ammo or accessories; gun "buybacks"; increasing fees or taxes on firearms.

We have included the entire text of Asm. Wirths' statement below for your evaluation. While GS2AGO does not endorse candidates, we can say that we are pleased to see in our state another long-time defender of our right to keep and bear arms, and hope that more candidates throughout the state express similar views.


“Thank you for this opportunity for myself and my running mates, Senator Steve Oroho and Assemblyman Parker Space, to be endorsed by the Garden State 2AGO. New Jersey has some of the most draconian, unfair, and unconstitutional gun laws in the country. Senator Oroho, Assemblyman Space and I are proud to be at the forefront of fighting Governor Murphy’s anti-Second Amendment agenda. I am a member of the NJ Angling, Hunting and Conservation Caucus. We thank you again for this opportunity and we ask for your endorsement.”

- Assemblyman Harold J. “Hal” Wirths

My press releases on Murphy’s and Biden’s latest gun control proposals and my video on the bear hunt:

Pro-Second Amendment bills Sponsored by Assemblyman Wirths

  • A129 Requires access to law enforcement guidelines for processing firearms permit applications upon public records request. (NJ State Police lost a lawsuit after refusing to release their guidelines they provide to local police on how to conduct the permitting of gun owners and gun purchases. But what they turned over to the plaintiffs was heavily redacted. This bill makes these guidelines public).

  • A133 Authorizes chiefs of part-time municipal police forces to issue firearms ID cards and handgun purchase permits.

  • A145 Clarifies definition of reasonably necessary deviation when legally transporting firearm or weapon in motor vehicle. A146 Permits possession of certain types of ammunition

  • A163 Eliminates prohibition against purchasing more than one handgun in calendar month.

  • A555 Gives priority to applicants for firearms purchaser identification card and permits to purchase handguns when domestic violence restraining order is in effect.

  • A588 Clarifies that BB guns are not firearms under New Jersey law.

  • A1508 The "New Jersey Right to Home Defense Law."

  • A1802 Clarifies that chief of police or Superintendent of State Police has burden of proving applicant's disqualification for permit to purchase handgun or firearms purchaser identification card.

  • A1807 Establishes reasonableness standard for persons lawfully transporting firearm who deviate from course of travel.

  • A2904 Revises procedures for securing a permit to carry a handgun (shall-issue concealed carry).

  • A4053 Requires State to recognize permits to carry handguns issued to certain New Jersey residents by other states.

  • A4054 Allows county sheriffs to issue firearms identification cards and permits to purchase handguns; authorizes county sheriffs to accept applications for permits to carry handguns.

  • A4062 Clarifies that licensed dealers may provide firearms for display at fund raising events sponsored by certain tax exempt organizations.

  • A4427 Authorizes issuance of duplicate firearms purchaser identification cards for change of address with certain proof.

  • A5098 Repeals personalized handgun law.

  • ACR209 Urges Congress and President of US to enact legislation addressing interstate transportation of firearms ammunition.

  • AR235 Memorializes Congress and President of the United States to allow reciprocity for carrying of certain concealed firearms.