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Why A Non-Binding Resolution?

We hear from hundreds of people every day, and get a lot of questions. Sometimes we see the same questions frequently. To help answer them, we will start addressing some of them here.

Question: Why a resolution? Resolutions don’t have any power, don't exempt anyone from laws, or change any laws.

Answer: A non-binding resolution can have tremendous power to steer policy indirectly over time. The NJ 2A Sanctuary effort was never intended to get immediate exemption from laws in the state. Many government entities exercise long-term political influence through passing non-binding resolutions. (Look at the UN's "ICLEI" program, and "Mayors For Sustainability" -- all done through non-binding resolutions at a local government level.) Our 2A resolutions act in a similar way.

The NJ 2A resolutions do a lot of good right away, even though they change no law. They are tools to dispel fear-mongering narratives. They create a discussion about the 2nd Amendment. They help educate the public, as well as elected officials and candidates, about firearms law. They continue the conversation about the Constitution. They create new, non-partisan relationships between citizens and their elected officials. Although our resolutions are non-binding, they provide leverage in pending and future lawsuits.

And, they start indirectly moving the needle back toward the Constitution, through elections and new policies, with better-informed voters, incumbents and candidates.

The New Jersey constitution allows local governments a lot of leeway how to handle matters in their jurisdictions. Most elected municipal and county officials are well aware of this and exercise full authority to steer their communities in the direction they believe is appropriate. Our resolutions continue that tradition: They allow local officials to express an alignment with the Constitution, while simultaneously changing no law nor granting any immunity from existing law.

Just by collecting all these non-binding resolutions from local governments, this completely legal effort has already made incredible progress educating and unifying elected officials and the wider NJ 2A community.

Our success has in itself made us a target of Trenton. They were ignoring us at first, but are not ignoring us now. NJ .com has assured the public we are meaningless. AG Grewal has issued a partisan statement claiming that defending the Constitution is somehow “dangerous”.

This is already having an influence in the state. With more municipalities and counties joining every week, we are forming new alliances. We are making a statement that is impossible to ignore. A statement that will have impact at election time…and long after.

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