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Venison Dinner: Great Place for the Second Amendment

Hunters constitute a huge percentage of gun owners in New Jersey, and venison is a signature dish of hunters everywhere. So the the Interboro Gunning Club's Venison & Ham Dinner and trap shoot in Greenbank, NJ, was a natural place to talk about GS2AGO's efforts to defend gun rights. Attendees enthusiastically supported us, signing 50 Resolutions for their towns and counties.

GS2AGO's tent at the Interboro Gunning Club

The Gunning Club's Board doesn't normally allow outside groups at this private event, but saw the need to have an organization like ours there. The President of the Club said, "If it wasn't for the Second Amendment, we wouldn't have a club". Due to current events in the country and our state, they agreed to host GS2AGO.

The President made announcements numerous times for attendees to sign our Resolutions. Citizens were eager to help, walking up and asking, "where do I sign?"

Patriotism was in the air at this great event on a beautiful fall day. The sounds of Americans shooting shotguns enjoying trap provided an authentic backdrop for a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, sung a capella by Melanie.

GS2AGO sincerely thanks the Interboro Gunning Club and its members for their outstanding hospitality at this very successful event. The 50 resolutions from attendees will make a big difference in gaining support at the local level for gun rights.

If you know of a gun club, veteran's event, or other patriotic group that would welcome a discussion of the Second Amendment, let us know by messaging us here on the website, sending us a message via our Contact page, or message us on Facebook.