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Strong 2A Supporter Running for State Senate District 2

As the primary approaches, we are delighted that more and more candidates are returning their responses to our Candidate 2A Assessment. Many candidates now wish to express their full support for the Second Amendment and the Constitution, including Seth Grossman, who is running for State Senate in District 2. Residents of his district will not find a stronger supporter of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment.

Seth sent us his responses to the Candidate 2A Assessment and also signed the Individual 2A Resolution, scoring a perfect 100%. Seth is an attorney and small business owner. He has held public office before, as a councilman in Atlantic City and a freeholder in Atlantic County. For nearly 20 years, Seth has led a constitutional grassroot activist group, Liberty and Prosperity, out of Somers Point. He has also provided conservative radio commentary. He has consistently supported the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights.

On his assessment, Seth remarked that he does not support either the red flag law or the "justifiable need" requirement in New Jersey. "Red flag laws rely on hearsay, provide no due process and are too subjective," Grossman remarked. He also commented that the "justifiable need" requirement effectively means that only a handful of politically connected people can qualify.

GS2AGO is thrilled to find that so many 2A-friendly candidates are on the ballots this year. If your candidate hasn't returned their responses to our 2A Assessment yet, just send us the candidate's email address using the Contact form on this website, and we will send them the forms to complete.

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