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GS2AGO is a Law-Abiding Organization


Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization is a law-abiding organization. We do not engage in any illegal activities requests. Such requests may include:

  • Recommending a doctor to help pass your metal health checks;

  • Acting as a reference for you, should you have none when applying for an FID or pistol permit;

  • Helping you sell ammo or firearms;

  • Providing legal advice;

  • Figuring out if certain features on your firearm are "legal" or "NJ compliant".

We do not answer “what if “questions, perform legal research or answer any legal questions. Should you need any such information, we recommend you consult with a licensed attorney / lawyer or go to the New Jersey State Police website to obtain your answer.

We do not recommend going to other groups or social media and asking these questions. "Facebook attorneys" will give plenty of free advice -- with missing or incorrect information in most cases. Remember, "free" advice can end up being very, very costly to you. Be smart, stay legal, do your own research, and consult with reputable, licensed attorneys.

Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization will, however, help each and every citizen in the best legal way possible. We will point you to resources and experts that may help you. Our door is always open.

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