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State Senate Candidate Polistina Replies To 2A Assessment

Our Candidate 2A Assessment continues to help 2A voters make an informed decision. Vince Polistina, candidate for State Senate in LD2, is running for the seat recently vacated by retiring Senator Chris Brown.

Recently, Vince returned his response to our Candidate 2A Assessment, and also sent us his signed Individual 2A Resolution. Polistina's position on 2A is strong, with two notable exceptions. His overall score is 93 out of 100, but has a somewhat nuanced position on New Jersey's "Justifiable Need" requirement, and did not answer the question about whether he favors banning certain styles of firearms.

Vince does not support New Jersey's red flag laws and understands it violates the right to due process. He is endorsed by Sen. Chris Brown and US Rep. Jeff Van Drew. He says, "As a legislator I received an A- rating on 2A issues and will certainly pledge to be a check and balance on the radical far left policies of the Governor and Trenton liberals.".

When asked if he supports New Jersey's justifiable need, Polistina answered "No" and commented: "We should relax the requirements and expand concealed carry in NJ". GS2AGO takes the position that the justifiable need requirement should be abolished, not relaxed, and that any restriction on how a person carries a firearm on their person is unconstitutional.

Vince did not answer the question asking whether he supports banning certain styles of firearms. He did provide a comment though, which clarifies his position: "I do not support selling military style weapons to citizens and am not in favor of so-called ghost guns. We should have some common sense restrictions."

GS2AGO takes the position that a citizen should be able to have any type of weapon he wants, whether or not it could be considered "military style". As for ghost guns, homemade firearms expands civil rights, creating a wider opportunity for new gun owners and historically disadvantaged communities to own firearms.

We also feel that New Jersey has had enough "common sense restrictions" on our right to keep and bear arms. "Common sense" is the clarion call of anti-gun lobbyists, and his use of this terminology is very concerning. "Shall not be infringed" doesn't mean "common sense restrictions."

The rest of Polistina's responses indicate a solid support of the Second Amendment, as well as an understanding of the Constitution as supreme law of the land that restricts the actions of government, not citizens.

We thank Vince for returning the assessment and would be happy to chat with him about defending the Second Amendment, including the kind of legislation we'd like to see, should he win his race.

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