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Polistina Responds To 2A Assessment

Our Candidate 2A Assessment has been successful beyond our most optimistic expectations. We are particularly grateful for the candidates who have provided their responses so that voters can understand their position on the the Second Amendment in context of the Constitution and current political thought.

We recently received a response from former Assemblyman Vince Polistina, who we congratulate, understanding that he recently became State Sen.-select for CD 2. Polistina scored a perfect 100, and returned a signed Pro-2A Resolution.

However we must qualify that score, because Polistina included a comment potentially meaning he supports bans on particular types of weapons: "I do not support selling military style weapons to citizens and am not in favor of so-called ghost guns. We should have some common sense restrictions."

This is very disappointing, since he answered "Yes" to Question 2: "Do you agree with the wording of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution?" and to Question 3: "Do you consider the right to keep and bear arms an inalienable right?" Obviously, one cannot hold both the opinion that a right is inalienable and shall not be infringed, while simultaneously advocating for specific infringements under the umbrella of "common sense". We are eager to speak with the State Sen.-select to clarify this response, and rule out any misunderstanding of the question.

We in New Jersey are quite sensitive to the term "common sense" applied to the right to keep and bear arms. We are all too familiar with the rationale of "common sense" used to justify a wide variety of infringements.

State Sen.-select Polistina overall scored very well, however. Additional highlights include: he answered "No" when asked if he supports gun buybacks and "Yes" when asked if he supports constitutional carry. When asked if he thinks the current New Jersey red flag laws are reasonable, he replied "No" and commented that "Everyone must be granted due process."

Further, he also answered favorably when asked if he supports concealed carry, commenting that "we should relax the requirements and expand concealed carry in NJ."

We feel that this is an excellent basis showing a strong understanding of the Second Amendment. We would be happy to discuss with State Sen.-select Polistina his position on "ghost guns" (a common misnomer), and "military style weapons" (which are not sold in NJ and have been banned already for decades).

On the whole, his position on the Second Amendment is very good and we have high hopes he will continue to support and acknowledge the importance of protecting the right to keep and bear arms. We look forward to working him him in his new role as State Senator to bring about more sensible firearms laws in this state. We thank him very much for his time responding to our Candidate 2A Assessment.

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