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Phil Rizzo Embraces The Second Amendment

Continuing on the success of our other candidate responses, Phil Rizzo, Candidate for Governor, scored a perfect 100 as a friend of the Second Amendment. Phil returned his responses to our Candidate 2A Questionnaire and also signed the Individual 2A Resolution.

His comments to us include a statement that red flag laws deny due process (they do), and that he is in favor of national reciprocity. He also believes that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, favors an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, and correctly understands that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to limit government, not the people.

We appreciate Phil's time in completing this questionnaire and hope that more candidates will return their responses to us. If you would like a candidate in your area to answer our questionnaire then send us the candidate's email address (their actual email address, not their staffer or the general campaign inbox) to us on our Contact form.

Keep pressing candidates on the subject of firearm rights! Let them know it is extremely important that we retain the freedoms protected under our Bill of Rights, especially the Second, which defends the rest.

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