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Our Candidate 2A Assessment Is A Success

Tired of wishy-washy politicians who say one thing privately then do another when elected? So are we! Anyone aspiring to elected office must be familiar with the Constitution and the issues that are undermining it today. That's exactly why we created the GS2AGO Candidate 2A Assessment: to cut through the campaign doublespeak and provide a clear indication of any candidate's knowledge of, and position on, the Second Amendment and the Constitution. The assessment is the same regardless of a candidate's political affiliation.

As we promised, when we start to receive responses back from candidates, we will publish the results here. Any supporting statement or information the candidate wishes to provide also will be published, allowing for editorial decisions on what to include.

We are very excited to announce that our first response is in! Nicholas Magner, Candidate for Assembly in LD4 provided his responses and scores 100% -- a true friend of 2A , civil rights and the Constitution. Additionally, Nick has signed the GS2AGO Pro-2A Resolution, and has made the Second Amendment a plank of his campaign platform. Among his supporting statements: "We should have Constitutional Carry and settle for nothing less than complete freedom of our 2nd Amendment rights. Any law is an infringement." This kind of full defense of the Second Amendment is something we don't hear much from candidates and it is good to hear it said out loud. You can find out more about Nick and his platform on his website.

We are hearing from other candidates that they are returning their responses soon. If you know of a candidate who needs to receive our 2A Assessment, contact us with their campaign website or email address, and we will send it to them.