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Mike Blasi Is A Solid 2A Supporter In CD-4

A challenger running against an entrenched incumbent in a general election needs an extra dose of courage and hard work to distinguish themselves and generate voter interest. Mike Blasi is a motivated candidate who sought out GS2AGO at a recent event and wanted to complete our Candidate Assessment and Individual 2A Resolution.

His instincts are right: Many voters in his district are 2A issue voters, and want to know his position on this issue. Mike is a US Army veteran and retired law enforcement officer. He lives in Freehold, and owns a small business, a real estate agency.

Mike's stand on the the right to keep and bear arms is very good, much better than the incumbent's voting history. Mike can distinguish himself on this issue. Specifics about his responses will be discussed below. His guiding principles are consistent with his pro-2A stand:

  • Limit governmental controls over the people

  • Support our veterans and military families

  • Preserve & adhere to the US Constitution

Mike's responses to the questions all indicate strong 2A support. He believes that the right to keep and bear arms is inalienable, and agrees with the wording of the Second Amendment. He does thinks that red flag laws are unreasonable, because "they allow for your constitutional rights to be taken away based on opinions and personal issues". He believes in an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, considers the Constitution the supreme law of the United States, and he correctly understands that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to limit the power of government. He supports state reciprocity a