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Makar (LD-21) Scores High On Candidate 2A Assessment

Our Candidate 2A Assessment continues to help inform the public! Jenn Makar of Roselle Park, candidate for Assembly LD-21, recently responded to our Candidate 2A Assessment. Her score is 94%, missing 100% only because she did not sign the Individual 2A Resolution. Her responses on the Assessment indicate she has a correct understanding of the tyrannical infringements under which we live today in NJ.

Jenn did not indicate any endorsements or donors, and has completed her ELEC filing. She agrees that New Jersey's red flag laws are unreasonable, and commented that "NJ's red flag laws are unconstitutional, and infringe on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms".

She does not think that taxes or fees should be raised on firearms-related activities. She agrees with state reciprocity. She believes the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to restrain government, not we the people.

We are thrilled to see so many candidates like Jenn publicly stating their support of 2A and espousing a correct understanding of the Constitution. Has your candidate responded? Why not? The Assessment is non-partisan. Any candidate of any party and any level of office can tell us their stand on our right to keep and bear arms.

Send us the candidate's email address using our Contact form: Go to our main page, scroll down and the form is right there. We will send the assessment to them and request their response.

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