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Huge Success At Atlantic County Meet N Greet

May 1, 2021

(Information courtesy of 2AStar)

Garden State 2A Grassroots reignited the enthusiasm of early 2020 with an incredibly successful Meet N Greet today at the Sneaky Hollow Sportsmen’s Gunning Club in Hamilton Township (Atlantic County). Held in conjunction with their annual Perch Tournament, the event introduced anglers to our 2A Resolution process. Seventy-four people signed resolution cover letters! Not even the windy fishing conditions could dampen everyone's enthusiasm.

The Meet N Greet was held with permission of the club from 2-3 PM, after the anglers returned for the day.

Everyone was more than willing to sign a letter to direct their local and county governments to approve the GS2AGO 2A Resolution. They were happy to hear that we are trying to stop the insanity. The members of this club are just ordinary citizens who believe in teaching the next generation about hunting and fishing. They all recognize the importance of acting now.

One gentleman was so enthusiastic that he pledged to set up a similar event at his local gun club. He and many, many others like him understand the importance of engaging in their local communities. They want to stand up for responsible gun ownership and the right to keep and bear arms.

Meet and greets like this are hands-down the best way to inform grassroots supporters and local politicians as well. Our groundbreaking method of working at the local level gains meaningful results quickly, as can be seen by all the towns and counties which have passed the resolution so far. A success like this is especially encouraging now, with so many challenges to our rights on every side. Contact us today about how you can hold a meet and greet at your range or local pro-2A business!

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