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GS2AGO Announces Candidate 2A Assessments

We've been working on something really exciting for a while and now we can announce it.

We have just completed our 2A-specific assessment for New Jersey candidates. That’s right, we are taking the lead in our state to provide a non-partisan look at any candidate’s Second Amendment stand.

Other questionnaires we've seen cover a broad range of topics, but we felt they don't go into enough detail on the Second Amendment. They also are not focused on New Jersey's extremely hostile gun laws. To meet our goal of a simple yet effective 2A- and New Jersey-specific candidate assessment, we created our own.

Our questionnaire is non-partisan. In fact, we don't even ask the candidate's party affiliation. The score is objective, based as a percentage of 100 (higher numbers are better), and is based solely on the candidate's responses to yes/no questions. There are also free-form, unscored questions where a candidate is able to provide additional details. The questions are simple and worded in plain language, and there are only 17 questions in total, so it is easy for candidates to respond quickly.

Our first question is, "Have you signed GS2AGO's Pro-2A Resolution?" with a link to the Resolutions page on our website. Our results will show not only the overall score, but also who has signed the Resolution as an individual candidate for office.

  • If you are a New Jersey voter and want your candidate to complete our 2A assessment, send us their email address.

  • If you are a candidate and want to complete the Assessment, email us so we can send it to you You can return the questionnaire via email or snail mail.

  • If you are a candidate and want to sign the Pro-2A Resolution, contact us so we can send you the individual version.

We hope that this will help all voters make informed decisions, as well as let candidates know that we are serious about our right to keep and bear arms.

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