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Insider NJ's Bob Grant is Wrong About NJ 2A Sanctuary

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Insider NJ has recently published an article in their ‘Columnist’ section called, “Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions”. This article was written by Bob Grant, a former Denville councilman and spokesman for the city of Paterson.

Bob Grant, says on this Facebook post that, “People have called my brother Dan and I “liberal” for many years. We are not liberal, or conservative, or radical, we are reasonable. We say and do reasonable things, we take reasonable positions on issues, we have a reasonable understanding of the world. Which, of course, makes those who disagree with us, unreasonable.”

Bob, that could not be further from the truth, and this post along with your article, truly show anti-gun and anti-Constitution bias.

In his Facebook post Grant is holding a “Mikie Sherrill for U.S. Congress” sign. Mikie Sherrill is a former prosecutor that is running for Congress. A prosecutor whom is sworn to uphold the law that is also for the limiting of “high capacity” 10-round magazines, and for federal banning “assault-style weapons”. It’s easy to see Grant’s influence does not support the Constitution.

For claiming to be “reasonable”, Grant’s article shows that he is not. Like he says, we guess everyone else must be wrong.

Now let’s go over Grant’s article in Insider NJ…

The article makes many false statements, that are easily refuted by facts and not biased opinion. The first paragraph states: “…Its point is to harden the lines of division in our communities and thus the partisan divide, and, to sell more guns.”

False. Our point of the resolutions, is to show our politicians that the citizens of New Jersey care about our 2nd Amendment rights. People in New Jersey care about the natural rights of self-preservation and the safety of our families. This is nothing about a “partisan divide”, but about human rights. Our god-given (or whatever you believe) rights for defense of ourselves and our property is natural—and more than reasonable.

Insider NJ and Bob Grant also mention condescendingly, “Hey guys and gals; no one is coming to take your guns and you really can get along and with magazines of 10 bullets or less.”

Wrong, again. Bob Grant, Insider NJ, politicians, or anyone on this green Earth have absolutely no right to tell anyone of us law-abiding citizens how or what’s appropriate to protect ourselves and our families with. Not to mention that New Jersey is taking our guns with unconstitutional “Red Flag Laws” like the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. In the 2 weeks after the ERPO law was passed on September 1, 2019, it was used 14 times in 13 days. 12 of these orders were temporary. We have the people of NJ being denied due process, their property stolen, and then given back with a “meh” and a shrug. Having an issue with citizen’s property being stolen at the whim of an accusation is wrong— and objection to ERPO is more than reasonable.

Let’s take a look at this next golden nugget of journalism from Grant: “…Does this mean they are under attack by the constitution? The second amendment is part and parcel of the US Constitution and to overturn it would require a constitutional amendment which simply isn’t going to happen.”

This is where this article is 100% factual and correct. The second amendment is part and parcel of the US Constitution. It also mentions a little phrase some people like to ignore—shall not be infringed. Any infringement on our second amendment and natural rights is unconstitutional. States do not have the right to infringe on the Constitution. Our rights as citizens of the United States are being infringed, illegally, by state government of New Jersey. Thoughts that we are under attack here in NJ are reasonable.

Lastly, Grant argues that Heller isn’t about state firearm laws, but is overlooking the Heller decision that was incorporated to the states by Chicago v. McDonald (2010), which is also in the resolution. Insider NJ threw in this last quote after misinterpreting the Heller decision: “Useful statistic: People without guns shot zero people today.

And almost 650,000 people died this year because of heart disease—and we aren’t blaming the fork.

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