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Assembly To Vote On Gun Package Monday December 20

The New Jersey state legislature is not going to let up just because it's the holiday season. Some might say they are making this push now specifically because so many people are not thinking of politics but instead spending time with their families. They may think we won't fight back on this.

Let's prove them wrong. Call and email your state Assembly representatives before they vote Monday. Leave messages, email them, or call Monday morning. These bills are the same ones they tried to push through earlier this year -- and the year before. The reasons to vote No are the same: These bills will have no effect on crime; they only burden lawful firearm owners who have committed no crime; they disproportionately affect poor and minority firearm owners; and they are all unconstitutional.

  • As a refresher, here at this link is a description of all of the bills that the governor wants the legislature to consider, as well as why they're bad.

  • Here is how to find and contact your legislator.

  • Here is the full legislative calendar for Monday, Dec. 20, starting at 12:00 PM.

Below are each of the bills that the Assembly will vote on Monday:

  • A1292 Handgun ammunition: regulate sale & develop system for electronic firearm info

  • A3686 Firearm owner become resident obtain purchaser ID card

  • A5030 Firearm purchase ID card valid for 4 yrs; training requirements prior to issuance of card

  • A5647 Safe Storage of Firearms Act: establish requirements & penalties regarding firearm storage

  • A6218 Public nuisance violation from firearm sale/marketing & allow AG bring cause of action

Last Thursday, the Senate judiciary committee heard the gun storage bill and the bill requiring in-movers to register. The gun storage bill was rejected in committee. The one requiring in-movers to register was amended significantly in committee, and sent through for a Senate vote. No vote has been scheduled in the Senate yet.

So call your Assembly reps before noon Monday. Call your Senator too to remind them that if they do vote on these at some point, you want a NO vote on all of them.

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