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A Second Candidate Fully Defends The Second Amendment

GS2AGO's Candidate 2A Assessment is taking off like a rocket, with perfect scores for our first 2 responses.

We recently received a response back from Jeffrey Grant, state Senate candidate in LD-16. The district covers parts of Somerset, Middlesex, Hunterdon and even Mercer counties. Second Amendment advocates in his district need not wonder about his stance on the Second: Jeff scored a perfect 100. He also signed our Pro-2A Resolution. Jeffrey is the real deal.

As Jeffrey says in his response, "The second amendment can be no clearer - the right to bear arms shall not be infringed."

Show this to your county commissioners or municipal council. Hold them accountable. Let them know that you expect them to uphold the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights.

You can find out more about Jeffrey's positions on the issues on his website.

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